14 December 2006

so much for the glucose tolerance test

I really need this place to open in the neighborhood. I've been scooped by numerous other bloggers on this one, including a friend who referred to the flavors page as "cupcake porn". I think he's dead on. I know cupcakes are the new, well, something, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw's visit to Magnolia Bakery in 2000, so it's unusual for Pittsburgh to be so close to the start of a trend. We tend to hang out on the trailing edge, jumping on the bandwagon about the time the rest of the world is forgetting all about it. Lucky us.

They haven't announced an opening date yet. With any luck they will hold off until after my glucose tolerance test next month.


Melissa said...

Mmmmmmmm, cupcakes.

anythingcreative said...

oh. no.

Elizabeth said...

That place looks awesome...we need something like that in Texas. Yummy!