11 December 2006


I didn't think it was possible, but I was out-shopped over the weekend by my friend JT. She flew in from Omaha to help me with some decorating decisions for the new house and ended up running circles around me. There are a few regular readers who have been shopping with me and know this is not an easy task. I don't usually give up unless I am out of money and sometimes not even then. I wanted to go home and she kept pushing me to look at one more rug, one more paint sample.

It was exhausting, but incredibly productive. For the kitchen, we chose the countertop, slate tile backsplash, pendant lights, and paint. We also selected paint for the dining and living rooms, and rugs for both rooms. Moving upstairs, we found linens, paint, and rugs for the master bedroom, and countertop, tile, and paint for the master bath.

My recommendation is NOT to look at lighting on the web. Too many choices. Between Thursday and Saturday I looked at something close to 1000 pendant lights and chandeliers. I think there were three or four that I liked.

There's still a ton left to do but we made a very good start, and CD didn't gag over any of the choices.

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Cheap said...

I bet you everything is going to look beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product!