14 December 2006


My new MacBook arrived yesterday. I'm probably the only person on the planet who willingly traded her MacBookPro for a MacBook, but the Pro was bigger, heavier, and hotter. It made me miss my 12" G4 PowerBook. The MacBook is as close as I could get to the size of the old PowerBook.

With all the baby weight I'm schlepping around (17 pounds as of this morning but doc says all is well), every ounce in my backpack matters. That it's black is just a bonus. I did have a white iBook once upon a time. It turned into the "crackle glaze" iBook. It seems Apple was painting whitish plastic to make it opaque and mine crackled. All the Apple reps who saw it claimed they'd never seen anything like it.

Oliver had no trouble with the transition to the new MacBook. As soon as I opened it last night he said, "Elmo Goo Goo?" Perhaps Santa will bring a matching video iPod....

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