07 December 2006

happy happy happy

It's not at all difficult to make me happy. Three Four Five things that made me happy in the last 24 hours are, in chronological order:

a massage - I still feel like I'm a hundred years old but it was nice to relax for half an hour.

ordering beautiful christmas cards in an utterly painless fashion - I am really excited to send them out. It's always been a chore, except the year we had an artist paint the dogs and make cards for us.

a phone call at 7:30am from my dogs' groomer - She had a cancellation! Doesn't sound like much but when I called a few weeks ago the earliest appointments I could get were in January. Chewy is presently enjoying a day at the spa. He will be fluffy and clean soon.

discovering the Starbucks nearest my office will make a Mocha Valencia - It's not on the menu anymore but they are one of the few stores I have found who will make it. If you are a fan, be sure to email Starbucks and ask them to make it available more widely.

it's snowing! and sticking to the ground! - Again, not a big deal to most but I love the first snow. I'm tired of it by January but it's pretty right now.

8:20pm update: Okay, I think I might hate the snow already. The roads were icy when I went to fetch the dog (5 minute drive took nearly half an hour) and even worse when I went to fetch CD and Oliver (10 minute drive took 45 minutes). I slid sideways down two hills and lost count of how many accidents I saw. We had dinner with friends (just took way too long to get there) and by the time we headed home the roads were much better. Oliver likes Rose Tea Cafe. Yum. I love having a kid with an adventurous palette.


Anonymous said...

Between crazy Steelers people and the ice/snow, it took me 2 hours to get home from the airport tonight. I'm thinking I hate snow.

Melissa said...

Love the cards -- I might have to order some considering that it's already the 7th of December and I haven't gotten my holiday cards yet!