12 March 2009

bumpy rides

Oliver and I spent a great weekend in Milwaukee. It rained for two days, but we were not there for the weather. Now that he's a little older, we are seeing him becoming afraid of things that once did not phase him. For instance, flying. He has never been bothered or fearful of flying before, and unfortunately, this was a bumpy couple of flights. Really bumpy. The return was so bad he made me hold his hand the whole way. That was Sunday. Today, after a few days of processing, he wanted to talk about it. This morning he said, "Mommy, you held my hand in the airplane. You kept me safe." I get weepy just typing that. 

Moving on...shred. Argh. What was supposed to be a couple of days off for the trip turned into a full-on hiatus. It's the same with journalling and Weight Watchers. If I take a day off with the intention of going right back, it never happens. I've been staying up late and finding every excuse I can think of not to spend some quality time with Jillian and her minions. Even when I've found a window of opportunity, Comcast on demand has not been cooperative, giving me error messages and not always loading the work out. 

So I bought the damn dvd. Now I own Jillian. She doesn't own me. And last night I finally got myself to bed before midnight. And this morning I was out of bed by 6:15am. I put Jillian in my laptop and headed for the basement. The kids cooperated and let me shred AND shower before waking up. It was a miracle. Felt like day one all over again, but it's done. Tomorrow is day two.


pghrugbyangel said...

Oh, Oliver... How nice was that of him to tell you that... That's so sweet. So glad that he told you that rather than "never flying again" or something!! I teared up just reading what you wrote! God help me when my sister has this kid. I am doomed to a life of Kleenex at the ready.

ClumberKim said...

I'm afraid he did also tell me he was never flying again. When I explained that really wasn't an option, and our next flight together was probably a long one to London, he said it was okay, but only if I promised to hold his hand. Pass the kleenex.

McMama said...

I took three days off and started again today. It didn't *quite* feel like day 1 all over again, but it was tough to get going. I'm feeling good now, though, so tomorrow's another day!

Jenn said...

What a sweet little boy you have. It is amazing how they "learn" to be fearful. We've been flying a lot, and recently the pressure changes became a big issue. I find full on distraction helpful. I think the most amusing for our fellow passengers was the time I taught E to flutter her eyelashes. Neither of us could stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

aw, how sweet of O! We mommies are awesome!!

must look into this shred phenomenon. is it muscle building? who is Jillian?
I am quite curious.

oh, and sorry you missed out on guac the other day. that's no fun.


Allison Says said...

Oh! That is so sweet!

According to On Demand, level 1 is ending pretty soon. So that's a good reason to own the DVD, too.

Nap Warden said...

Keep shredding girl...you can do it! Jillian is tough, do you like it?