02 March 2009

better off shred

I had a weak moment last night while hanging out on Twitter. Kristen, of Motherhood Uncensored fame, started tweeting about shredding. I had heard of it, and looked at on Amazon for all of half a second before running away in fear. Like I said, weak moment. I up and joined Kristen and her merry band of shredheads, while they could all still walk. 

This time around on Weight Watchers has been pretty grim. If I am not obsessive about journalling, it's an immediate fail. I can't be obsessive all the time so the slippery slope to "what the hell?" is half a step in front of me all the time. And exercise? Has.Not.Been.Happening.

I have been trying to get myself to bed earlier and failing miserably. I've been getting to bed at midnight, or worse. Getting up in the morning has been getting harder. And then there was bronchitis last week. I haven't had a really good nearly-pneumonia round of bronchitis since college. 

For some reason, all of these little things weakened me to the point where shredding with a bunch of fine bloggers seemed like a good idea. The hell was I thinking? 

I got to bed last night at a reasonable 11pm. And got up at 6. And spent the next 15 minutes searching for The Shred on Comcast's on-demand service. Then convinced Oliver to go back to sleep, tried to do the workout while discovering just how bloody uncoordinated I am, but did.not.die. Oliver woke up and threatened to wake his sister and dad so I had to stop before it was done but I finished the first 22 minutes. 

I did learn something critical...sneakers would be useful. I can only blame lack of sleep for managing to put on a sports bra and other workout gear, yet skipped the whole socks and shoes thing. 

Tomorrow is another day. And it won't take me nearly as long to find the damn thing on the tv.

Kristen asks that we divulge a few things at the start. Here goes:

a) Before pictures:
HA!!! There will be no pictures. More power to those braver than I.
b) Tag Line
"better off shred" of course
c) Weight
165 or thereabouts. My scale and the Weight Watchers scale are not on speaking terms.
d) Goal
short term:  more clothes that fit.  long term:  30 pounds. gone. forever.
e) Diet Plan
Weight Watchers
f) Personal Rules
Lots of water. Sticking with the plan. Journalling.
g) Shred Plan
As often as possible, but at least 4 days a week, level 1, 3 pound weights. Yoga and a good walk on the days I don't shred. Walks on shred days when possible.


Anonymous said...

How did you get the button to work?!? It still won't work on my page.. Maybe because I have wordpress? Help if you can please!

ClumberKim said...

I wish I could tell you I figured it out on my own but I got some help from a very wise and brilliant woman over at http://www.nwdesignsit.com/ I don't know about wordpress so I can't help you there.

Allison Says said...

What a great idea.

I actually own the 30 day shred DVD. I bought it a long time ago, but probably only did it 6 times over the course of a month. It IS a great workout. And now I'm thinking about joining this...especially since my weight loss has basically stalled.

Way to go, Kim! You can do it :)

Atlanta Mommy said...

Merry band of shredheads. Ha Ha. I love that.

Keep it up!

Susan said...

Oh, my. I need to check out this shredding business, 'cuz damn I need to shred (or is that shed) a few pounds, but after reading the "go to bed on time/get up early" parts of your last few posts I fear I'm destined for failure! Practically every night I claim I'll go to be at a reasonable hour, so I can drag my non-morning person butt out of bed to exercise. I wish "A" for effort (or thinking about it) counted!

I'll read up on your merry band of shredheads! And, good for you for trying, even with a toddler in your arms :)