01 February 2009

like, you know, better than losing

The Super Bowl seems like a good reason to get back to blogging. It was ugly and a nail-biter, but in typical Steeler fashion, they got the job done in the end. And as classy a guy as Mike Tomlin is, there was a fair bit of less than classy behavior on the field. James Harrison completely negated his incredible interception and touchdown run in the first half with a cheap shot in the second. Since I had a weak moment and let Oliver stay up for the entire game, that cheap shot also meant a lengthy explanation about why one of "the best guys in the whole world" (what Oliver has been saying about his Steelers) would do such a thing.

CD's comment, IM'd from Seattle where he's spending the week at CalConnect, was "Red zone play is awful." This has been going on all season. The best offense in the NFL was the Pittsburgh defense. All that was missing tonight was a Polamalu interception. And I have to mention CD's interest in football of the American sort has been growing slowly but steadily in the years since he moved here. This year it was different. Hands were raised and voices raised in cheer during the playoffs. It's really something to see, especially if you are acquainted with my husband. I think he supported my decision to let Oliver watch the game. He wanted to make sure Oliver was taking it all in. I'm sure he didn't count on him being exposed to Bruce Springsteen.

Contrary to what I was told, my kids did not receive terrible towels with their birth certificates. I will fix that oversight this week. Pittsburgh is our adopted city and we've never been prouder to call it home, Lukey Effingstahl and all.

And finally, Phil will see his shadow tomorrow. No doubt about it. And no one in SixBurgh will care.

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