10 February 2009

the party goes on

It's night two of Westminster and the Sporting group leads things off. It should be VERY interesting! I'm settling in for another night of live blogging. I'll warn you now...I will probably get quiet during the Toy group, except for some commentary about the handlers' outfits.

8:01  Feather boa on a dane? Nice touch.

8:02  Mary Carillo fessed up to this being her first dog show. Pa-thetic. This is the best they could do? She didn't think a little preparation would be in her best interests?

8:04  Real dogs, coming right up!

8:06  Just got a newsflash via IM...I have to pay attention during toys after all. A friend's English toy spaniel won his variety.

8:09  I guess I should have looked at the list of judges. I just got a thank you note from him, for helping with education programs at a show last month! Very nice guy, but I've never shown to him.

8:11  Once again we have a handler with a poor color choice behind her dog. The outline of the pointer might show up a little better if the handler were in a darker outfit. She probably has a dark dog to show later on.  This is a young pointer and they are probably just thrilled to have won BOB.

8:12  Those of you who have watched for years will recognize Val with the German shorthaired pointer as the handler of the famous Megan.

8:14  I love to see a nice curly-coated retriever. It's an overlooked breed but I like them.

8:16  Flat-coated retrievers are not black goldens, but if you're thinking about a golden this is another one to consider.

8:17  A beautiful golden always gives me goosebumps. She's a beauty. Darn that slippery green carpet!

8:18  Can't tell if the lab was side-winding, or if it was just a bad camera angle. My sources tell me side-winding.

8:22  White suit behind a gordon setter. Well done!

8:24  Clumbers are usually first up after the break. My stomach is in a huge knot already!

8:27  That's Grant, the Clumber. He looks great, as usual. Laura King does a wonderful job showing him. And the judge is giving him a nice long look too. Okay, I can breath again, at least until the LBD is up.

8:30  I'll say it again. I will trade the non-sporting group three American cockers for one standard poodle. I hope Linda Pitts isn't wearing that black skirt with her Puli later. I'm a fan of her handling, and her Puli.

8:32  The English cocker is another story. I love this breed.  Please shut up, Mary.

8:33  Were you listening when the announcer was talking about the Clumber? We wrote that, my dear friend JT and I.

8:34  I tried to learn a bit about field spaniels last month. I still think they were put together by a committee.

8:36  That's a breeder/owner/handler on the Irish water spaniel. Bonus points!

8:36  Here's the backstory on the Sussex...Stump is 10 years old!!! And he has won the group at this show, quite a few years ago. He's my sentimental favorite, for sure. What can Brown do for you?

8:37  I met this Welsh in January. He's quite something. Another breed that is frequently overlooked.

8:39  Getting close to the end. I can already tell I'm not going to be able to make a pick. It's impossible for me to be objective and get past the Sussex and Clumber. Some of the top dogs have retired too. I don't envy the judge!

8:41  It also doesn't help that this is a huge group. Four ribbons is not enough.

8:43  The knot is back in my stomach. And it's multiplying.

8:45  Since I am feeling worthless, I have brought in reinforcements. My source predicts the cut will be ASCOB and Black cockers, Clumber, Sussex, English springer, English setter, Weimaraner, and I'm going to throw in the Golden just for fun.

8:46 This is going to be a challenge not to barf.

8:48  Two minutes without oxygen is not such a good thing. More backstory...the BIS judge has awarded Stump BIS before. And more personally, the first time I saw Stump he was a goofy puppy. And Sussex know goofy.

8:52  I'm still in shock. And JT is off to call Stump's breeder. Congratulations, Dee!!! Couldn't happen to nicer crowd of folks. (But Grant should have had a piece of that, too.)

8:56  I love these old video clips. The grandfather of a good friend won twice with Boxers, way back when. I hope to see a glimpse.

8:57  Toy dogs next. Good time for me to recover. And breath. And maybe go be sick if these knots don't go away.

9:01  Somebody kill Mary Carillo's mic. And send her back to tennis, where she comes closer to knowing what she is talking about.

9:02  Wake me when the Peke makes it all the way around.

9:03  "Pet peeve"!  David made a funny.

9:07  When I am old and infirm, I will have Cavaliers. (Or maybe English toys.) This one is very pretty.

9:13  I met Dash (and his adorable little daughter) last month. Too darn cute. Still, we have squeaky toys that are bigger. 

9:15  Have acquired red wine and popcorn. It's not champagne and strawberries but it will have to do.

9:17  I'm afraid I would break an Italian greyhound.

9:18  I'll go way out on a limb and predict the Peke and toy poodle place in the group. Maybe the affenpinscer and Brussels griffon too.

9:19  Y'all know these were the flea catchers, right?

9:27  Peke's are pear shaped. If you pick one up, it should be head heavy. It helps to know this when you can't tell which end is which.

9:30  I think I met that Pug when I was stewarding last year. Cute cute cute. Almost a real dog.
He'll get some of the action.

9:40  I am clueless about toys. There. I said it.

9:44  Something in white for the Working group, perhaps?

9:47  Since you aren't hearing it from the announcer, here's a little PSA:  None of the dogs you see tonight or last night were purchased from a pet shop. Research the breeds you are interested in, contact the parent clubs, and find a reputable breeder. It's a long process and more than worth it in the end.

9:51  Big dogs!!! And one of my favorite judges too. She's a pointer breeder, and appreciates a nice bitch.

9:53  I love the combination of evening wear and slobbery big dogs.

9:56  The favorite is probably the Giant Schnauzer.

9:59  Norma, do something with that hair!!! Still love Bullmastiffs.

10:00  Is that Turner? Or Hooch? I forget.

10:02  If I wore heels I would want Paula's shoes.

10:03  Wow. That Giant Schnauzer is a stunner. And Taffe is once again in boots. For a California girl she sure dresses well for the east coast in winter.

10:04  The Dane does not appear to want to be there.  He's very young too.

10:07  I was scarred for life by a very well-endowed male Swissie once. Can't even look at them anymore.

10:12  When it's cold I would like to curl up with a Newf. Or six. Would need a bigger bed.

10:13  I think the Portuguese water dog would be perfect for the White House. Honest. Great dogs.

10:15  Still haven't seen anything I like better than the Giant Schnauzer.

10:17  No need to string up the Siberian. Give him some lead, for goodness sakes!

10:20  I just remembered BIS is next. The knots? They are back. Gooooooo Stump!!!

10:22  Loving the malamute too. 

10:23  Judge is enjoying herself.  Major bonus points for her.

10:24  Good choice!!! And the bonus for having the working dog? You only have to groom once. 

10:26  I'm pulling for the Sussex, of course, but winning this show is a blessing AND a curse for a breed, especially one as rare as the Clumber or Sussex. It means breeders have to step up their diligence.

10:28  If only there were a fantasy league for dog shows. I'd be all over that.

10:32  It's disappointing that Mary Carillo is dragging David Frei down, instead of him lifting her up (or shutting her up, preferably).

10:34  If it can't be Stump the Sussex, it should be the Giant Schnauzer or the Puli. Sari likes Sussex. Cross yer paws!

10:38  Goosebumps. Going dark until the end, unless somebody poops.

10:40  Ha!! Linda Pitts changed skirts!

10:50  The knots are taking over. Stump doesn't look 10. Wine did not work its magic.

10:54  OMG...I am speechless!

10:56  Ok, breathing again. Huge congratulations to ALL involved in this spectacular dog.


Tara said...

way over groomed and slightly too large duck toller, but I wouldn't toss grant out of my chair if he wanted to drool on me :-)

Tara said...

yey Stump, old man, but BOO HISS to the craptastic broadcasting of the final (or lack thereof).

Suzy said...

Is there a rule that the smaller the dog, the bigger the behind of the handler? Some ankles are bigger than the dogs!

ClumberKim said...

I think you mean cankles.

Tara said...

i do believe that is an official term of their contracts.

Philmac said...

Tollers can vary greatly in size. Males can be up to 21 inches at the shoulder, and Tyson is well within the standard for a male. Since I'm not actually able to watch the party, I can't comment on his grooming.

Tara said...

i had two huskies growing up. neither looked like these show dogs and all i remember is the shedding, shedding, and more shedding. (the clumbers seem like a breeze by comparison.)

Uncle Crappy said...

Kim, thanks again. This is a great way to watch the show.

Anonymous said...


This makes me want to watch! What fun.

My husband wants an Italian Grayhound. I, too, am afraid of breaking them. I would like a little heartier of a dog.

My sister has Boston terriers, just as a side note. "So ugly they're cute" kind of dogs.


Tara said...

I can't hang with the 11pm bedtimes on a work night so had to DVR the end.... SOOO happy to wake up to the news this morning! Gotta love it when an old man gets dusted off for the Garden and takes it all. But I agree - hope this doesn't mean that every petshop in america starts selling Sussex now.

Great job on the live blogging - it really did make watching so much fun!