20 July 2009


Much as I wanted to hold them hostage in my backyard (with beer, of course), Sarah and Devra went on their merry way to Canton this morning. Last night's meet up at AlphaLab, hosted by iTwixie with produce donated by Isidore Foods, cupcakes from kdiddy, blueberry zucchini fabulousness from Abby, and pastries from....I dunno. The HoHos and lemon meringues must have put me into a sugar coma.

Having my own private little BlogHer actually helped to ease some of the bitterness. I didn't have to fret about packing, what to wear, who I was or was not seen with, or which parties to go to. I got swag, and the only cute shoes I thought about were Eleanor's.

As we walked to the bus stop this morning Oliver was asking why our guests were getting in their car. "I want them to stay for 10 years!" he said. Me too, Bunny, me too.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I miss you guys too.

Really, again, thank you so much for everything.

Kelly said...

I have a sticker for you! I'll email you tomorrow when I get to work and we'll make a plan to hook up.

Wineplz said...

I'm glad you got to have your own BlogHer. I just remarked to Justin earlier this week there was a huge hole where PGH bloghers ought've been. :(
So since BlogHer's date for next year has moved to the first weekend in August, does that fall in-between CDs trips so that you can get a little break? Hope so!