05 July 2009

branching out

Readers who have been around two years or more know that I usuallyblog about the Tour de France in July. It looks like I skipped the blogging part of the Tour last year, probably due to going back to work and such. I was watching, honest. I was recently asked to contribute to a sports blog, Draft Day Suit, so I'm going to put my Tour posts over there. My first post went up today. Go check it out! I use cool words like "pfffft". And get your fantasy fix by creating a team on the Fantasy Cycling Challenge at Versus. Join the draftdaysuit league and kick my butt. If there are three or more participants I will come up with a Tour-related prize for the winner. You have two more days of practice. It starts for real with stage 5.

Huge thanks to Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah, for asking me to join her merry band at Draft Day Suit. I didn't pee my pants when you asked, honest. Okay, maybe a little. Our little secret, ok?

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

We are thrilled to have you!