22 November 2005

what I wouldn't give for a sudafed

Just a general post of updates today.

  • Tooth number four has emerged. Oliver is now sporting two up and two down.
  • As a result of this new dentition, Oliver is now able to bite. Hard. In very two very sensitive locations.
  • As a result of this new ability to bite, there was much crying and carrying on last night, from both of us. I did the worst thing. I screamed. Then he screamed. Then we both cried. Ordinarily a small bite would not have sent me quite so far over the edge, but:
    • Oliver and his mum got nasty colds on Sunday
    • Oliver insisted on being held nearly all day yesterday
    • Oliver's mum was exhausted, achy, and entirely un-medicated (she'd give anything for a sudafed, except her milk supply)
Enough with the third-person and the bullets.

In other news, Oliver has had a mini-growth spurt, making up for his very slow weight gain last week, putting his current weight at 19 pounds, 10.5 ounces. He seems to be longer too. Lots of clothes don't fit anymore. Anyone thinking of making a clothing purchase for the little guy should be considering 12 month size. Hanna 70s are still fitting well though. He can go through two sizes in other brands in time it takes to get through one size of Hannas. Amazing.

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