22 November 2005

another 15 seconds of fame

We were previously mentioned on DaddyTypes (that was our Dutch doctor, thank you very much), which was pretty cool. Today we been spotted on Blogging Baby, or "flogging the babies" as one of my favorite bloggers likes to say (and it cracks me up every time -- this is what extreme sleep deprivation will do).

For those who have been asking for a more recent picture, here's one of Oliver in a sweater knit by Liz, mom to a couple of our Clumber friends, Charlotte and Angelina Ballerina. Check out the shoes! [Oliver's, not Angelina's. Clumbers don't wear shoes, silly!] The photo is a couple of weeks old but other than the teeth I don't think he's changed too much since it was taken. He's just bigger.

Let's hope Santa comes through with the camera so we can satisfy our loyal readers who clamor for more pictures, dammit!


Granny said...

You should have a comment. Oliver is beautiful.

Happy holidays. (saw you on blogging baby - flogging babies?) funny.

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by, Granny. I've read your blog too!