29 June 2005

Sleeping like a baby

I should issue a "whine alert" today. I'm not sure I can get through this topic without a little complaining.

My dogs know how to conserve their energy. They sleep as much as possible, snore loudly, and generally rest up for their next meal. That's the life. I have Clumbers because they understand me. The couch is very comfy, thank you. Now be a dear and fetch me a snack?

I used to sleep, BO (before Oliver). Blissfully. For hours. Since conception, Oliver and my body have been conspiring against me. Early on, he joined forces with my bladder. By the end of the pregnancy, it was no bigger than a walnut. Since birth, Oliver has decided to take the job of ruining my sleep all on his own.

Now the problem is waking to feed the hungry baby at 3:00 am. Sometimes at 2:00 am. And at 5:00 am. Or 6:00am. While Oliver is starting to sleep longer stretches, he's still very inconsistent.

When I try to get back to sleep it's the snoring, the quadrophonic snoring, that makes me crazy. Four beasts who like to snore, all in my bedroom, and I'm not talking about the cat!

Sleep when the baby sleeps? Right...with a husband who doesn't like to eat dinner before 9:00 pm. That theory, extolled in all the baby books, is pure bunk. I doubt any of the authors who suggest such silliness actually raised a child.

I need to learn the art of the nap. Wish I had inherited that skill from my mother but that gene seems to have missed me.

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