28 June 2005


Penguin and Piper both want to wash Oliver. Maybe they think we are not doing it well enough. I really should have a picture. Any exposed flesh is vulnerable but Piper is especially interested in his toes. It may be because they are not always available, like his face and hands tend to be, and are therefore coveted. In any case, I have to watch lest the poor boy be plastered with dog spit.

There is a fairly elaborate scheme of dogs washing dogs in our house. Chewy and Piper wash each other's faces daily. Chewy and Piper wash Penguin regularly too, though Piper does it more frequently. She especially concentrates on getting the goobers out of Pen's eyes. Perhaps they are a dietary supplement. Penguin only licks humans. She allows herself to be licked, but does not lick any other dogs. Ever. Further proof she's really just a human in a furry white Clumber suit.

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