01 October 2009

high maintenance

Every week I fill these boxes. For the dogs. True story.

Though this is the glorious four months of the year when I am younger than Mr C, I still feel ancient on a daily basis. But it's nothing compared to my dogs. Bubba, our rescued Clumber, will be 14 in December. He totally acts like he's 98, sleeping 98% of the time. Penguin will be 12 in January. She's in better shape and if she could see, you'd never guess her age. That is at least in part due to the pills I put in the box. She also gets eye drops and ointments 2-3 times a day.

It's hell to get old.


De in D.C. said...

You're a better dog mommy than I am. Ginger (my cocker-mix) will be 17 in Nov. A few years ago I was hyper-vigilant about doing a bunch of supplements to help her out. We've gotten lazy, and have her down to a liquid glucosamine and a bladder control pill. She'd probably benefit from adding some of the other stuff back in (fish oil, lutein, alfalfa powder, etc etc), but we really don't expect her to be with us much longer, so why bother? Of course, we've been saying this for almost 2 years... I'm such a bad dog mom :(

albamaria30 said...

I think that rivals the ILs pill collection.

Just out of curiousity, do you have pet insurance that covers part of that?


ClumberKim said...

Yeah, I wish insurance was an option. Bubba, who has IBD, was 12 when we got him as a rescue. He's one big ol' pre-existing condition.

I got Penguin as a puppy and probably should have had insurance. She's had two foreign body removal surgeries ($1000 each), a disc issue in her back, and the tumor removed this year. That's just the highlights of her medical history. Moving her chart requires a wheelbarrow.

Jen said...

I highly recommend pet insurance. We got it because I am sure Wooster will need a foreign body removal surgery before he dies (avoided so far...knock on wood). They have already covered one "barium series" each for the Clumbers...to the tune of just about all of the premiums we've paid in since joining up!

Laurie said...

I'm psyched to meet your dogs! I don't think I've ever seen a Clumber Spaniel in person. (they are spaniels, right? ;))

I can't believe your dog is 17, Delora. Amazing.