07 April 2009

click clack coma

It's been forever since I posted a picture of the kids. Bubba got in there as a bonus. Eleanor's hair is long enough for pigtails now, and Oliver looks more grown up every day.

Tuesday nights require Scholastic DVD since CD has a conference call during the time he usually amuses the kids while I cook. Tonight I left the job to Randy Travis and his excellent narration of Click Clack Moo. I wish I had audio of Oliver's imitation. "Cows that type? Hens on strike? Whoever heard of such a thing?!"


Jen said...

This is adorable! The kids are looking very grown up, and this is the first pic I've seen of Bubba, I think. How's he doing?

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

They are so very grown up ... it happens so fast.

I love Click -Clack Moo. And pretty much all of the Scholastic set.

The police officer and the dog. How do Dinosaurs say goodnight. The Maurice Sednak set. Strega Nona. Great stuff. Oh and the football teacher/substitue one ... that is a great one. We haven't seen that is a while.

Jami said...

WHOA! Fancy new layout! I loke it!

abritdifferent said...

Your kids are adorable, and what a great looking dog. Love the new look.